Mar 06

An Easy Fix For Your Neck Pain

When it comes to neck and back pain , so much of it is related to what we do most  all day long, without giving it a second thought.  Sitting and looking at a computer screen probably tops the list.  With that in mind , raise your monitor so your eyes are looking straight ahead. In our office we have stand up work stations with the monitors mounted on the wall.  If that is not possible for you , there are many devices now being sold that are made to hook up to your desk.  It may seem like a stretch to do this , but the benefits over years of looking down are tremendous. They include less neck pain, headaches, muscle spasms, better mental focus,and most importantly preserve your posture and spine so your head does not end up going forward as you age . That forward head posture also leads to degenerative arthritis in your neck.  Prop your monitor up first on books or a box and see how you like it. You’ll be hooked.