Back Pain can indicate an Organ Malfunction

Back pain can signify many different things, ranging from mild muscle strain all the way to spinal problems or organ malfunction. Determining the cause of back pain is crucial to determining appropriate lower back pain treatments and potential long-term effects of the lower back pain. While simple muscle lower back pain strain or inflamed ligaments or tendons may be the result of an injury or mishap, ruling out more serious back pain conditions, especially if the back pain is chronic, is important to long-term health.

Back Pain and Organ Malfunction from Back Pain Problems

Back pain can be a symptom of underlying conditions of the heart, lungs, bladder or kidneys. Diagnosing the source of the back pain goes a long way towards treating both the back pain and the underlying back pain problems. When lower back pain occurs without an apparent cause, it is well worth the time to find out what is causing the lower back pain. In many cases back pain treatments are simple and effective, but if it is a back pain symptom of a more serious back pain condition, the earlier the back pain problems are found, the more back pain treatments options are likely to be available. Ask your chiropractor about lower back pain treatments.

Back pain from Back Pain Problems could be Organ Malfunction

Back pain in the upper back, especially associated with difficulty breathing or chest pain, can be an indicator of a heart attack. When back pain occurs in the upper back, especially with other symptoms, having the back pain diagnosed may prevent further heart damage in case of a heart attack or other underlying heart condition. Ask your chiropractor about lower back pain treatments for back pain problems.

Back Pain Problems causing Back Pain can Signal Organ Malfunction

Lung diseases could be another source of back pain, especially high back pain. While pain often occurs due to chronic coughing from colds or bronchial infections, persistent pain or suddenly appearing pain should be evaluated. In some cases, upper back pain has been shown to be a symptom of lung cancer, especially when paired with chest or shoulder pain. Ask your chiropractor about lower back pain treatments.

Back pain from Back Pain Problems can be Organ Malfunction

In the case of lower back pain, it may be a lower back pain symptom of bladder infections or disease. Because of the placement of the bladder in the body, infections or diseases of the bladder may present with either dull, throbbing back pain or sharp, sudden lower back pain. Many infections are quickly and easily cured with medical back pain treatments, but still require appropriate diagnosis to prevent more serious infection and to rule out disease. Ask your chiropractor about lower back pain treatments.

Back pain Related to Back Pain Problems and Organ Malfunction

Like the bladder, kidney infections can present with lower back pain. In addition, if only one kidney is affected, the lower back pain may be localized on only one side. Due to the placement of the kidneys, back pain may also present further up the back as well.