Calendar of Events

Every Thursday Healthy Fort Lauderdale Walk:

“Sunrise Bridge Walk”
Meet at the Sunrise Blvd Bridge on the south side of the street and the west side of the bridge.

When you are coming east on Sunrise Blvd go to the last traffic light before the bridge and there you can either turn right to park in the Galleria Mall parking garage or turn left and park in the strip mall on the north side of the street.
Our walk is between 4 and 5 miles. Be there at 7 pm and we will leave at 7:10 pm. It’s a great way to get into a healthy habit.

See you there!

Free Monthly Nutrition Class :::
Date & Time: TBA (call us)

The food we eat, the way we eat it and what we drink with it can all have a major impact on the way we feel physically and mentally today…and the diseases we end up with tomorrow. The body is in a state of transition at every moment of your life. You are either moving toward better health or more disease.

Often, the pain you have in your body is influenced by your diet. The inflammation in your body can also be a result of the types of food you eat. Learn more about this at our monthly Free Nutrition Class at 6:30pm here at our office. The class is only 45 minutes long and can contribute greatly to you overall health. During our time together, we will provide healthy food and give you a special coupon for attending.

Call us to reserve at 954) 537-5558. Please feel free to bring a friend and/or family member(s).

Free Monthly Spinal Health Workshop :::
Date & Time: TBA (call us)

Getting out of pain and staying out of pain requires both in-office treatment and knowledge you will put into practice at home.
You can treat your pain like a bank account. You are either making deposits or making withdrawals.The more you have in your account the better off you are.

At our monthly Free Spinal Health Workshop, you will learn not only how to build up your “back account” – you will also learn what behaviors ad habits are harming you.There is no charge to for the class. We feed you and even give you a special gift for attending!

Call the office to reserve your spot at (954) 537-5558. Please feel free to bring a friend or family member if you’d like.

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