Client Results

Patient Results & Patient Testimonials

“I had severe migraines for seventeen years that interfered with the quality of my life. I also suffered from chronic stomach pain and low energy. I feel better than I have in a long time. This is huge for me. It’s the first time I haven’t had a migraine in five weeks in over four years.”
- Tracy T
Licensed Nurse Practitioner

“I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. I could not walk, sit down, lay-down or drive in a car. I went to pain management and had several epidurals, which produced no results for me. I was afraid my condition would last forever. I didn’t get hope from any doctor except for Dr. Cohen. Dr. Cohen was the only one who gave me hope, paid any attention and did anything worthwhile for me. After seeing Dr. Cohen, I am 98% normal. I can do everything. I have my life back again.”
- June M.

“I recently had hip replacement surgery as a result of a terrible car accident forty years ago. After my hip replacement surgery, I started having severe numbness in my arms and hands. I was unable to sleep and was frightened by the numbness and its effects on my career as an artist. After seeing Dr. Cohen, I currently don’t have arm pain and experience only occasional numbness in my right arm and none in the left. I feel hopeful for continued recovery.”
- Diane Butler

“Initially, I was in great pain in my neck and suffered from headaches for over one year. Being a nurse, I had a lot of tests done and took several different medications. They told me nothing was wrong and that I just I suffered from migraines. After seeing Dr. Cohen, I got better. The pain is gone. I can move my neck like I did two years ago and my headaches are pretty much gone.”
- Ivone
Registered Nurse

“As a dentist, I experienced a lot of occupational stress that resulted in neck pain and headaches, which were getting progressively worse over the last couple of years. I was in pain while at work and when I got home from work several days a week. After seeing Dr. Cohen, it’s unusual for me to have any pain or headaches at all.”
- Dr. Natalia Benda

“The first time I saw Dr. Cohen, I had such severe low back pain that I could barely walk into the office. At that time, I felt back surgery might be my only option. With Dr. Cohen’s critical care, I was relieved of my pain and was able to avoid back surgery. I now see him on a monthly basis; that keeps me stable. I like the fact that I can call and get an appointment the same day or just walk in. Dr. Cohen cares about how I’m progressing and shows concern. During my office visits, I also get valuable educational information regarding health and wellness and that’s awesome!”
- Tonja O.

“Dr. Cohen has helped me a lot-not only with my back problem, but my health in general. He is a great chiropractor.”
- Peter

“After my first visit with Dr. Cohen for low back pain treatment, I noticed significant improvement. I was also having difficulties with my bladder. Not only did he relieve my low back pain, but I can sleep through the night without interruptions.”
- Vivian