Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor uses the Effective Cox Technique for Back Pain

Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor Uses Cox technique

The Cox technique or Cox® Technic, is controlled by your specially trained Fort Lauderdale chiropractor, done without surgery; hands on chiropractic manipulation of the spine, done with the patient is on a specially designed chiropractic table, called the Cox table. This Cox table allows the effective administration of chiropractic treatments. The Cox technique helps relieve back pain, returning patients to their jobs, hobbies and lives fast. The goal of The Cox technique helps back pain patients go from pain to zero pain as fast as possible.

Diagnosis Treatment and Goals

Neck pain conditions are rampant with the common activities of driving, using computers and all the daily stress. Cox® Technic for neck pain is safe gentle, and effective.  The Cox technique will offer relief for your neck as fast as possible. Some patients report relief in one treatment, some in four to ten or more, depending on the severity of the injuries and other factors. You can trust your Fort Lauderdale chiropractor will watch your situation vigilantly.

Treatment and Results

Frequently, in one of two visits, pain is lessened without drugs or surgery. The neck is adjusted by your Fort Lauderdale chiropractor’s hand. It is controlled and monitored at all times by your Fort Lauderdale chiropractor supervision to get the best results possible. The Cox technique is suitable for conditions causing low back pain as well as neck pain. The Cox technique also lessens pain from a slipped disc, disc herniation, facet syndrome, a ruptured disc, and other conditions.

Low Back Pain Prevalence and Treatment

It is generally know that 80 percent of adults will have back pain sometime during their lives. Right now one in three adults suffers with back pain now. The Cox technique is a done without surgery approach to control the low back pain condition and avoid a surgical intervention if possible. The Cox technique is well documented, well researched, and respected in the field as being an evidence based procedure system that is safe, gentle and effective.

Back Pain Specialist in Fort Lauderdale

Your Fort Lauderdale chiropractor is a back pain specialist, trying to relieve back pain. A back pain specialist focuses on the exam to diagnose his patients to know whether the Cox technique will relieve their back pain. The examination of your with the most accurate tests allows your Fort Lauderdale chiropractor to find and document your diagnosis. This is critical to your outcome. The chiropractic treatment plan is based on your accurate diagnosis. Your Fort Lauderdale chiropractor back pain specialist wants to make a difference, knowing 1/4 patients, and 95 percent of healthcare costs are going to back pain. He is happy to see new patients, knowing he is the conservative back pain specialist in your Fort Lauderdale community.

The back pain specialist who follows the Cox technique system of protocols trusts that his patients will get quick pain relief results. The protocols call for the your Fort Lauderdale chiropractor to know when to apply the technique properly for the best back pain relief like many previous patients have gotten through the Cox® Technic.


Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor Uses Cox technique.